Administrative Assistant

National University of Samoa



Position Title: Faculty Administrative Assistant

Classification: Comparable Staff

Responsible to: Dean  of  Faculty (or Director  in the case of CSS / or HOS in the case of SOMT)

Limits of Authority: No financial authority,  no authority to make  any major decisions.

Communicates with: Dean (or Director CSS), HoDs, Lecturers, all Faculty Secretaries, Human Resources &    Administration, Student Services.

Salary Range: Grade 3 ($39,114pa-$49,537pa)

Job Purpose: To be responsible for Faculty administrative procedures and to perform a range of administrative tasks to assist the Dean  in the administration of the Faculty.



1. Faculty  Meetings:

  • Under guidance of the Dean prepare agenda for faculty meetings (including Curriculum Advisory Committees/ Industry Advisory Panel meetings), arrange venue, notify staff, and take the minutes.

  • Agenda prepared and distributed ahead of meeting.
  • Timely meeting notifications made.
  • Accurate minutes taken, compiled and distributed to Faculty staff.

2. Faculty  Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly Reports & Correspondence:

  • Under the guidance of the Dean, prepare the Faculty’s monthly Progress reports for VCC and Senate; the bi-monthly Progress reports for DVCC; and the Quarterly Reports as required.
  •  Under Dean’s instructions, prepare internal and external Faculty correspondence which may include but not limited to: internal memos to staff, letters to invite external representatives to be members of the Faculty Curriculum Advisory Committee/ Industry Advisory Panels, letters to request workplaces for Students Work experience / Staff Attachments, plus others.
  • Support monitoring and evaluation activities of the Faculty Annual Management Plans.

  • Accurate and timely Monthly Progress reports for Senate.
  • Accurate and timely Monthly Progress reports for VCC.
  • Accurate and timely Bi-monthly Progress reports for DVCC.
  • Accurate and timely monthly Quarterly reports compiled and presented to dean in time to meet the required deadlines.
  • Draft letters / internal memos for Dean.
  • Draft invitations for CAC/IAP members.
  • Draft letters for Student Work Experience.
  • Draft Letters for Staff Attachment.
  • Information is collated and readily available for Dean review as per agreed scheduling.

3. VCC and Senate Documents

  • Any Faculty submission to the VCC and Senate is compiled as a clear document

  • VCC Document is comprehensive and presented according to timeline set by Dean.
  • Senate Documents such as new Programme proposals or new course descriptors follow the Senate-approved templates for new course descriptors and new programme designs.

4. Budget

  • Assist in the collation of relevant information for preparing the annual Faculty budget
  • Keeps accurate Faculty expenditure records (e.g. photocopy of the signed POs, invoices for payments, 3 quotes for procurement, etc)
  • Liaise with Financial Services to obtainmonthlycommitment returns

  • Data is collected and presented to Dean in a timely manner to prepare the annual Faculty budget.
  • Accurate record of the Dean and Department’s monthly budget commitment is kept
  • Adopt an efficient record keeping/ filing system for budget matters.
  • Reconciles Monthly Commitment return from Finance with Faculty Commitment record
  • Prepares a monthly brief on the state of the Faculty budget for Dean and HoDs

5. Assets,  Equipment & Stationery

  • Assets, Equipment and Stationary supplies are maintained at approved levels.
  • Ensure all relevant and required documentations are in order for Dean’s authorisation to procure.

  • Inventory of the Faculty and Departmental Assets and new Equipment are kept and updated regularly
  • Inventory of Faculty and Departmental Stationery is kept, updated and monitored to ensure supplies are sufficient from Semester to Semester
  • Obtain relevant quotes and prepare PO for equipment and stationery supplies

6. Supervise  Secretarial Staff

  • Ensure secretary collects and distributes in-coming mail to appropriate staff daily and arranges delivery of outgoing mail and record mail dispatched.
  • NUS Forms (Leave Application Forms, Short Term PDL Application & Reports, Van Booking Forms, Unscheduled Class Forms, etc) and stationery are readily available for staff
  • Filing system is maintained according to the NUS Filing policy. Confidentiality is maintained at all times.
  • Staff are reminded about deadline for examination papers, papers are submitted on time.
  • Staff submit Readers for Printery by due dates.
  • Staff submit annual, sick leave and PDL short terms forms on time
  • Assist Academic Advisers to maintain accurate student files.

7. Coordinate  logistics and  provide support for Faculty Functions, Seminars and Workshops

  • To organize the logistics and carry out other administrative functions for faculty functions, workshops, seminars, conferences

  • Arrangeandconfirmthevenues,refreshmentsandappropriatesupport services in a professional and efficient manner for anyseminars, workshop or conferences hosted by the faculty or itsdepartments in a way that enhances the reputation of thedepartment/ faculty.

  • Ensures that all the secretarial services for these functions are provided when needed.
  • Ensure that all staff are treated fairly and are given equal access to the secretarial support

8. Other Duties as required by the Dean to  support the administration of the Faculty

  • Assistance is provided to staff in preparation of and on Open Day, Student briefing before Enrolment, Enrolment, and for Orientation.



  • A relevant degree

Experience and Knowledge

  • Experience in administrative roles.
  • Knowledge of methods of organizing, storing and finding information.

Abilities and Skills

  • Very good organizational and planning skills.
  • Computer skills and the ability to use databases.
  • Report Writing and communication skills in Samoan and English.
  • Ability to understand, follow and implement relevant NUS policies and procedures.
  • Ability to communicate and relate to university staff and public.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and maintain confidentiality as appropriate.
  • Efficiency.

Personal Attributes

  • Pleasant personality.
  • Must be honest and ethical in approach to work and relationship with others.
  • Must have the initiative to perform duties within boundaries of given responsibilities, without waiting for direction.


Our  Vision

A University  of Excellence in Research, Samoan Studies, Quality  Education  and Training in  response to national and  regional development needs

Our  Mission

To  produce quality  graduates from  across all disciplines to meet the human resource  needs of the nation and region

Our Values

Respect- We value  efforts made in  all conduct, operations  and  affairs  for  the  on going  development of  our University.

Integrity We  value  transparency, honesty and ethical conduct in  individual and collective actions and decisions.

Responsiveness –We value prompt response to the needs of Samoa and the region.

Pursuit of Excellence- We strive for excellence, seeking to apply the highest standards to benefit our communities.

Professionalism- We value a high level of work ethic, positive workplace conduct, behaviour and attitude.

Equity - We promote diversity in the University community — through our people, ideas and cultures. We create a vibrant, inclusive environment in which ideas flourish and future generations, regardless of background, are empowered. We respect our colleagues and work together for shared success.

Sustainability - We acknowledge our limitations and strive to deliver and sustain our goals within our available resources

Engagement- We value the voice, opinion and involvement of the

community in our initiatives and everyday operation.

Goal and Priorities