Team Leader Maintenance

National University of Samoa



Position Title: Team Leader Maintenance

Classification: Comparable staff

Salary Range: Grade 3 ($39,114pa - $49,537pa)

Responsible to: Director PSM

Responsible For: Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioner Technicians

Primary Objectives: Ensures maintenance and repair work is completely safe, effective, and in a timely manner. Assists team members with technical issues or advanced problems with given assignments. Inspects work performed by team members. Tracks and logs workers time, materials, and other resources used for inventory purposes. Maintenance Team Leader will also produce reports on behalf on team and assist where required in procedures and policies.



  1. Creating & implementing Maintenance procedures.
    • identifying and implementing a proactive maintenance strategy that ensures efficient operations ·
    • Lead maintenance technician, provides leadership and guidance, and perform tasks in the areas of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry,
    • must have the right skills to train maintenance workers and leadership skills to manage the team.
  2. Conduct safety inspection as scheduled.
    • Responsible for cleanliness of equipment and regularly scheduled safety inspections. Perform other duties as assigned, Manage daily inventory of supplies and parts.
    • Conduct safety inspections as scheduled. Establish strategies to meet workload demands on time.
    • Makes sure projects stay on schedule. Leads safety inspections at worksites. Performs maintenance work as needed. Evaluates worksites to determine what is necessary.
    • Conducting site inspections and identifying areas requiring extra maintenance work. Their work helps businesses maintain occupational health and safety.
  3. Controlling and maintaining inventory
    • Coordinating work performed by outside contractors. Monitor inventory of materials and equipment.
    • Inspect facilities periodically to determine problems and necessary maintenance · Prepare weekly maintenance schedules and allocate work.
  4. Ensure safety regulations are met.
    • Conducts inspections of own and others work in accordance with NUS requirements.
    • Participate in coordinating projects (e.g. renovations).
    • Ensure adherence to quality standards and health and safety regulations to be met with accuracy.
    • The team will be well-versed in all maintenance process and health and safety regulations.
    • Ensure health and safety policies are complied with. Requirements.
  5. Organize and lead maintenance training.
    • provides a reactive (repair) maintenance service across the range of manufacturing equipment, on mechanical, fluid power, electrical, carpentry and plumbing.
  6. Conduct preventative maintenance work.
    • Coordinates the installation, maintenance and repair work in buildings or large complexes and manages a team of workers regularly.
    • Performed basic machine set up. Prepared and administered preventative maintenance work orders.
    • Followed university procedures to maintain work environment in neat condition.
    • coordinate the installation, repair and maintenance of facilities and machinery.
    • Perform preventative maintenance on HVAC, manufacturing equipment, and the facilities.
  7. Maintains maintenance logs as required.
    • §oversee and lead maintenance procedures and actions.
    • Documenting and preparing daily progress reports and maintenance logs.
    • Works with scheduler to administer and execute repairs/preventative maintenance.
    • Maintains maintenance logs as required.
    • Ensures all products used are ordered.
  8. Responds to maintenance requests.
    • Ensures department meets or exceeds prescribed standards to meet Customer requirements.
    • Develops maintenance policies and procedures. Orders tools, supplies, and equipment. Responds to maintenance requests. Makes sure projects stay on schedule.
  9. Supplies inventory and purchasing
  • Orders tools, supplies, and equipment. Responds to maintenance requests within respond time.
  • Makes sure projects stay on schedule.
  • Leads safety inspections at worksites.
  • Overseeing equipment stock and placing orders for new supplies when necessary.

  • Procedures in place, communicated and enforced.
  • System for new ways to improve productivity and cut costs in place, communicated, and enforced.
  • Inspection schedule in place, operational and enforced.
  • Update inventory records/data
  • Inventory building components and assess their conditions and build the capacity for ranking maintenance projects and evaluating their cost.
  • System in place, communicated and enforced.
  • Reduce in number of accidents.
  • Improve in quality of work.
  • Improve Respond time of repair.
  • Advance the competence of maintenance workers and managers and involve appropriate maintenance personnel in decision-making and in communicating building needs.
  • Improve in knowledge and skills of staffs.
  • Multiskilling of members of the team.
  • Improve Respond Time of repair.
  • Plan strategically for capital work and preventive maintenance in the long-and-short-term and structure a framework for operating a preventive maintenance program.
  • Improve Respond Time of repair.
  • Reduce in number of complaints.
  • Reduce in number of backlog maintenance.
  • Improve respond time of repair.
  • Sufficient materials available in stock for maintenance.
  • Reduce in number of backlog maintenance.



  • Relevant Degree in construction (civil, mechanical, electrical)
  • Trade Diploma or Trade Certificate in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, and air conditioning


  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in maintenance.
  • Previous managerial experience is a bonus.
  • Good understanding of the technical features of plumbing, carpentry, HAVC and electrical systems

Skills & Abilities

  • Extensive knowledge of building systems such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and to delegate them when appropriate.
  • Ability to identify issues and to determine repairs that are needed.


  • Communication and interpersonal
  • Time management
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving


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