Lecturer Grade 3 Health and Physical Education

National University of Samoa


Position Title: LECTURER GRADE 3 (Foundation Programme)

Responsible to: The Head of Department and/or Dean and is appraised annually by the Dean/Director.

Main Purpose of the Role: A Lecturer Grade 3 is to teach and contribute to the university, discipline and community. 

Membership: A Lecturer Grade 3 is a member of the departmental and Faculty/centre meetings.

Salary Range: Lecturer Grade 3 ($39,114pa-$49,537pa)



1. Teaching

  • Effective planning and delivery of lectures, tutorials, practical classes, workshops, excursions, teaching practice at Foundation level.
  • Learning outcomes set and communicated to students
  • Assessment criteria and procedures communicated to students
  • Production of teaching materials for students
  • Appropriate variety of teaching skills and methods used to effectively achieve outcomes
  • Full and accurate students records maintained
  • Assessment and marking conducted accurately and fairly
  • Student achievement monitored regularly.
  • Accurate constructive feedback provided.
  • Consultation hours for students honoured
  • Systematic and periodic reviews of course content and teaching practice performed.

2. Contribution to University, discipline or community

  • Limited administrative functions primarily related to the courses taught.
  • Perform course co-ordinator duties with care & efficiency and on time.
  • Attendance and participation in departmental/ faculty meetings and others as required.
  • Attendance and/or participation in any inquiry or hearing the university may lawfully instigate
  • Respond to requests for information, examination papers, results etc promptly
  • Contribution to policy development
  • Participation in Open Day
  • Involvement in professional activities
  • Contributions to community organizations relevant to one’s discipline.

3. Other duties as required by supervisor

  • Duties performed promptly and efficiently.


A lecturer grade 3 (Foundation Programme) will have a degree in a relevant discipline and preferably a teaching qualification. As this is a teaching position, several years teaching experience at a senior secondary level is desirable.


  1. Educational Qualifications

    A degree in the relevant discipline

    Preferably a teaching qualification

  2. Experience and Past Work Performance

    Several years teaching Experience at a Senior secondary level

  3. Skills and Abilities

    Commitment to the education and skills development of students

    Ability to construct and implement relevant student assessment

    Demonstrated ability to teach effectively at undergraduate level

  4. Personal Attributes

Ability to perform duties efficiently and effectively

Commitment to the advancement of NUS in Samoa and the region



A University of Excellence in Research, Samoan Studies, Quality Education

and Training in response to national and regional development needs


To produce quality graduates from across all disciplines to meet the human resource needs of the nation and region

Our Values

Respect: We value efforts made in all conduct, operations and affairs for the

ongoing development of our University.

Integrity: We value transparency, honesty and ethical conduct in individual

and collective actions and decisions.

Responsiveness: We value prompt response to the needs of Samoa and the region.

Pursuit of Excellence: We strive for excellence, seeking to apply the highest

standards to benefit our communities.

Professionalism: We value a high level of work ethic, positive workplace

conduct, behaviour and attitude.

Equity: We promote diversity in the University community — through our people, ideas and cultures. We create a vibrant, inclusive environment in which ideas flourish and future generations, regardless of background, are empowered. We respect our colleagues and work together for shared success.

Sustainability: We acknowledge our limitations and strive to deliver and sustain our goals within our available resources

Engagement - We value the voice, opinion and involvement of the

community in our initiatives and everyday operation.

Goals and Priorities